Business Basics 1-on-1

Business Basics is a 7 day course designed to help others kick start their brands. If you’re anything like me, and how I was, then you’re passionate about starting a company within the beauty industry but you’re completely lost on how & where to even begin. That’s where I come in to save your mind from wanting to give up trying to find all of the answers…alone. I’ve made a lot mistakes along the way from not having the right guidance or resources, so I want to make this journey easier for you. Let me help take the weight off of your shoulders as we work side by side to help you start your business. 

You will have personal insight on how businesses are ran behind the scenes, while simultaneously learning what to do & what not to do when starting out. 

I am currently accepting 3 students — (these are not group sessions) 

Each student will be provided dates that work well with our schedules & we will meet for 3 hours on each day.

This opportunity will give you a chance to work with someone who has been in business for over 5 years and gained a lot of experience, as well as made a lot of mistakes. 

Sessions will begin January 1st 2024.

Please email me at for more information or to enroll.