About Us

A one stop shop for your self care essentials.

At MilanLaurenCo. we pride ourselves on providing quality organic skincare products that help you get back to loving yourself inside and out. Aside from our skincare, we offer a variety of home & self care essentials for the ultimate self care experience. Our company was founded by a young, single mom, who started the company learning what proper self care truly meant.
Mia created MLC in the midst of post partum, to share how taking time to take care for herself , changed her entire outlook on self care and it’s importance.
Mia believes that the extra amount of time you spend with yourself in the mirror will positively affect the way you see yourself.
Your bare self.

Proper Self Care started with me creating products to treat my own blemish and acne prone skin, all while I was fighting for my life, and truly trying to survive. MilanLaurenCo. helped me find the best parts of me, and I hope to bring out the best parts of you. 
Thank you so much for stopping by, supporting my small business, and sharing my special recipes with your family and friends ! We truly appreciate you and wouldn’t be here without you all.

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